Mobile art improvements, 6 Plus, iOS 8

After a day with the iPhone 6 Plus, I’m won over. The big size does not detract from the experience of using the device. The canvas size for mobile art is incredible, and the screen is just a pleasure to view. Work is faster, easier and the ability to see more detail will allow me to control the scale of elements in a more sophisticated and exact way.

Battery life being significantly enhanced, the Plus lasts at least an hour longer than previous models. Having kept my iPhone 5S (which charges in the meantime), upon switching resuming work can happen immediately, owing to photos automatically syncing across devices.

When configured with the upcoming iCloud Drive for the Photos app, the seamless nature of transfer to the Mac will help me finalize and prepare the work for upload quicker than ever; the iCloud option to use your photos/images removes any iOS level automatic compression from the images, making the files cleaner and more useful than before.

As an added bonus, in switching to Apple’s solution versus Dropbox and Google Drive, both of which I rent space from, I consolidate two bills into the most convenient file managing solution possible for my workflow, saving $20 per month in the process.

If Apple had asked me specifically for a wish list of features, I would have asked for these specifically. I think that they will make a major push towards making sure people view their mobile devices as valid creation platforms and not just consumption devices.

Even though I feel like Apple is starting to make missteps, once the bugs are ironed out, this generation of device updates communicates true care for the user.

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New phone, new spires background. Need to update my desktop too. http://spires.ws