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Spires’ best-selling duvet covers so far. Free Shipping today at Society6!

dinityom asked: hey! I am an artist who dabbles in abstract art and fashion as well. I was curious as for your Spirograph series what you do to create those effects. Do you hand draw and edit on the computer? What programs do you use? If you don/t mind me asking. I use photoshop and hand draw also! Thanks love, your work is amazing!

Hey thanks for asking! The Spirograph Series was started in Illustrator, moved to my mobile workflow, where I recolor, add depth and add texture, and then back into Pixelmator to finalize. All of my Spires work is digital. I don’t do many spirographs because I cannot start them on mobile. I’d like to make 4 more so that I can create and sell a calendar next year :)

As an aside: Part of why I love what I do, is that I’ve essentially eliminated the need for industry-standard overpriced design software in 95% of my work. Apple has effectively commoditized software, and so if you can manage a mobile workflow and buy a bunch of very inexpensive apps, you can make amazing art, immediately, where you are now, all in your hand, with your finger, in a very organic way. I have a technical inter-app workflow, but I’ve been able to leverage it pretty successfully so far.

The spirographs themselves are started as basic geometric shapes, and there are several ways to create spirographs. There are brush effects (applying one set of shapes to another) or move spirographs where you repeat the same rotate modification to many instances of the same shape, until it completes itself as a spirograph. (Always keep your colors tagged in swatches so that you can manipulate sets of colors later with minimal selecting!)

My mobile workflow consists of many popular photo apps in the app store. I don’t want to recommend any specifically, because the apps you choose ¬†effectively define your workflow and therefore I consider them creative choices, and I would not want to make those for anybody!

I hope this helps!

Thanks to all my amazing supporters and the customers of Society6 for an enormous day yesterday. It’s like Christmas in July, literally.

Free Shipping at Society6 today!

fearthec asked: Where did you get the frame around your bed, that connects to your headboard

Online a while ago, I tried to find it again, but i couldn’t :/. Google ‘modern white bed’ and see what pops.

sourcandysoup asked: I love the dresses with your print on them and will most def be buying one this next payday. Thank you for giving me an excuse to treat myself! :D

Thanks so much! I appreciate your support!

imponder asked: This bedding looks amazing! I'm moving out so it's just what I needed. However, I'm going to have a double bed. Will the covers come in double size soon, or do they only come in queen and king?

Only queen and king so far, but if those sell they might go smaller.

kevinvenom asked: Id love to use some of your work as artwork for a free mixtape I'm putting out (credit would be given to you of course). Would that be alright?

If it’s not sold, then sure! what will you use?

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Spires logo clock. Looks awesome with this combination of hands and border. 12 thin lines mark hours.
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Spires logo duvet cover. Might be nice for my redesigned bedroom :)Free Shipping today at Society6!
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